Freja Beha at the Beach

Fashion model Freja Beha Erichsen, Fashion photography, Style inspiration

Freja Beha Erichsen



Sofie said...

Great expression on freja, and how this picture make me wish for summer temperatures to come to Norway!

Julie Khuu said...

Omigosh that collar detail is amazing!!!! Lanvin...shoulda known!!! Beautiful...summer needs to get here stat!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Copper Etiquette said...

That top is fabulous! Great Dress Give Away At CopperEtiquette.com

PiruletadeGato said...

Yeah, I'd love to see the rest of that top


Rochelle Fox said...

i am with above i wanna see more of that top stunning image xx

♥ A fox that meows http://rochellefox.blogspot.com/

Kimberly said...

gorgeous love freja!


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