Longer Hair, The Better

long hair, fashion photography
long hair, fashion photography

Wishful thinking... can I will my hair to grow faster?



Grande Jewelry said...

Nice blog!I love your sense of style. Very interesting. I am planning on following your blog. Check out my amazing blog too!

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La Fille De La Ville said...

Love FAP! :)

Emilie said...

filles à papa is great!!

freyja said...

love,love,love the first picture. She is soo pretty :D



I always want mine to grow back when I cut it. But then I get used to the new length and want to cut it when it gets too long again ahaaha.

Great pix. I always love your posts!

x X

Cristy and Duda said...

i cut mine and i keep asking myself why

amazing blog love your posts


xxCristy + Duda

Anonymous said...

i swear my hair grew three inches overnight and now my longest layer is a nasty rattail touching my bum. i've become a long-haired freak. i'm wearing it up until the hair appointment!

Fashion Agony said...

You can actually make it grow longer using special products.


Vasilieva said...

nice selection of photos, amazing hair


SAMANTHA said...

yes my hair is growing but its so hard to keep up with!! i actually have to brush it constantly or i dread. hahah, not really buttt it is fun to have! it'll grow quick enough ;)


Hannah said...

love long hair so muchxxx


Phil said...

I can never let my hair grow, easily bother me ... lol

Fashion Tidbits said...

It's nice but definitely a bother to maintain

MESIKE said...

i had to have short hair as a kid, so now i wouldn't cut it for a million dollars either!!!
if you find a hairdresser who only cuts 1cm if she sais so not 10, have a "health-cut" in every 2months (only the ends a LITTLE BIT) and it will grow faster. Did it for me!

Gabi Barbará said...

I have long hair! But it's kinda hard to maintan. But it's really fun! I try different hair styles everyday, braids, pony tails... it's never boring.

If you want some tips to make your hair grow faster, I would recomend massaging your head in different directions before sleep. It helps blood circulation. Cut it (just a little bit) every 2 months. And you can also take some vitamins like B complex or even those "A to zinc" vitamins, take them in the morning when you wake up. You will feel some improvement in hair and skin for sure.

xoxo from Brazil,
Gabi Barbará

Fashionism said...

I love long hair. Different and cool!


Ugly Cute said...

agreed, i have to but never want to cut mine!


Nicole C said...

if you find a way to make hair grow longer quickly please post it!! i would love to know! these photos are lovely, i so enjoy folowing your blog


Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

I'm loving your blog - and a big THANK YOU for saving my hair from a pixie-cut (it's as long as the first pic!)

Tikkitiboo Vintage

angie said...

I have elbow lenght hair, it's fine and wavy. It took me nearly 2 years to grow it that long (it was past shoulder lenght) I don't really cut it regularly but I try to, also take multi vitamin pills, eat lots of fruits and veggies and don't break it when you brush it, use silicone based products or anti-breakage serums. I don't use hairdriers or irons, that will do it.



Emily Jean said...

ditto. i want long hair more than anything!


Pamil said...

I get used to the new length and want to cut it when it gets too long again ahaaha Actos.

Actos said...

I would love to know! these photos are lovely, i so enjoy folowing your blog..

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