Who is This Nasty Gal?

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I just want to know who this Nasty Gal model is. Thanks.



Hannah said...

What a babe! That lip colour is pretty hot too.

Tiffany's Small World said...

she is beautiful!love her hair and lip color


Oracle Fox said...

I don't know but I've been wondering the same thing, she's beautiful! xx

andrea paola said...

i'm obsesssssed with her she's so so cute! i'm pretty sure she models for the forever21 website now too, on their website there's a girl that looks like her.

Fashion Chalet said...

She has perfect eyebrows!!


Amandamarie said...

whenever i think of nasty gal i think of her. she looks good in everything they put her in!


Pink said...

woww that 's amazing!!! love it

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Megan said...

Full lips and full eyebrows. What more does a girl want? So gorg.

Lie said...

such a cool blog and a wonderful post!
thanks for sharing, this model is soo beautiful!

I love your blog, xo
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Unknown Pleasures said...


The model you are wondering about is Karina Nicholson- She's with ford :-)

Ally xx

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Gorgeous Clara said...

she´s really gorgeous and I love the last outfit

Anonymous said...

love her sweater! :)

Amalina said...

Yeah I wanna know too! She looks amazing in all the clothes at Nasty Gal...makes me wanna buy everything.


Anonymous said...

Love her, sweetest girl you will ever meet. It was nice going to school with her :)

One More Chance Vintage said...

Her name is Kate Harrison. Such a beauty!

Xx One More Chance

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