Winter Storm

The high road is hard to find. A detour in your new life. Tell all of your friends getting warm. It's too late to change your mind. You let laws be your guide. Come on and get the minimum before you open up your eyes. It's all being served in your hands.



Fashion Chalet said...

I love broken bells (great song) and her hair is out of this world almost as good as Rapunzel's is below... ;) great fuzzy boots too.

xx fashion chalet

Mash said...

amazing pictures !

G E N I E said...

aww! I really want to use the face expresion like the model!! ... by the way! Love the outfits!!
so boheme !! totally my style!



Divorce Lawyers Melbourne said...

Such a warm piece however it impossible to wear it on street

Tennis Academy Melbourne said...

Your blog is so cool so pretty

Fatima A. said...

amazing picture!

BRIANA said...

definitely what i want for winter!


Christina said...

great post && i loove the furry shoes:)

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