Siwy Dreams

I want some jeans just like these.

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Avi said...

I love your blog!!
and I saw some jeans like that in Levi's... i'm not really sure!!1

♥ fashion chalet said...

i want some like that too :)

and thanks for the shout out in your post below, dear!! ♥


Jules said...

very cute...I attempted to make some like this and they look ok but not better than the real deal

great pick!

noirohio vintage said...

levi's make some for sure.
Try bleaching some! it's not as hard as it looks..

gabby paulina said...

check out uo, they have some like that. i want some shorts like that :)

Cindy said...

i tried these on at intermix in vegas, they are crazy. bleach black did a great bleaching tutorial. you should check it out.

Anna said...

Jeans are totally awesome this season!

Christing said...

i love tie dye denim at the moment! those jeans are fab!!


miss_vogue said...

meee tooo sooo baadddd

miky said...

i love this jeans!!!!

Char.Lotte said...

I want those too!!!! they have them at Urban Outfitters many varieties =)

I'm not here said...

they have some just like these at zara!

Anonymous said...

zara has some on sale at 19,99 $ !! go check it out!!

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